My name is Connor Gilkinson, I started Ravencraft Creative out of my own experience and passion for music.

I’ve been playing guitar for over 10 years, starting with punk and emo and arriving at a wide variety of metal and heavy music. I wanted to deepen my understanding of music so I took my passion to school, working away until I earned my Bachelor’s of Applied Music Degree.

I had a nice camera, so friends would ask me to film them playing as crude demos, for audition tapes, and eventually playthroughs for their bands.

I started charging them just enough to pay for lunch, then eventually enough to make a bit of money to keep for myself, which ended up being spent on more camera gear.

It became common enough that I started my own business, and here we are today.

I love being a musician, and it brings me great joy to help other musicians make something that they’re proud to call their own. Their visual identity is so important, and it’s extremely rewarding to collaborate with other creatives with a common goal.