10 Videos Your Band Should Be Making

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If you've spent any time trying to find out how to get your band's name out there you know that the best way for a band to get heard online is through video!

"But... what else can you make besides a music video?"

There are plenty of ways to get your voice out there ranging from extremely budget-friendly to major production

Here are just a small sampling of ideas for those looking to take their band to the next level!

So... what can I make?

1) Performance/Playthrough Videos

This is one of the most common jobs I get hired by bands for, and for good reason!

This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get a really simple but professional looking video to accompany your music. 

It's also extremely flexible. It can be shot almost anywhere, you can record live audio or mime, you can focus on showing the parts or making it more of a visual experience like a music video.

Dirt cheap, easy to make, they look awesome, and a much better way to promote a single than a YouTube video with a static picture of your album art.


2) Announcements and Updates

Which would you rather do... read 4 paragraphs of text, or watch a 30 second video with all the same information?


If you've got any significant announcements coming up (tour dates, a big festival show, new album coming out, etc.) then make it a video for easy access!

Maybe you don't have anything huge coming up but you want to give everyone a quick update on how the new material is coming along, when that new batch of merch is coming in, or just a quick "thank you" to the fans.

People are more willing to give their time when it requires less time and effort from them. If you can put your announcements in a format they can throw on while making coffee, you'll see a big payoff.

It's easier to bring attention to a post with a video and an eye-catching thumbnail than one with a boring wall of text... ugh!

3) Live Shows

Show them what they're missing.

Giving fans a glimpse of what it's like to be at one of your shows is going to increase the likelihood that they'll pay to be a part of that experience.

For those who were there already, it's a way to relive their favorite moments from that night and remind them why they should come back.

It's one thing for fans to hear your music, it's another for them to feel what it means to be a part of the intensity, the emotion, and the energy of your shows. 

If you can show people why coming to a show is better than listening to the record, you'll have people coming out over and over again.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.37.45 PM.png

4) Tour Documentaries

Going on tour is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Travelling the country with your best friends, playing awesome shows to new people every night, these are memories that you never forget...

... But your fans don't get to see that - to see you meeting your fans in person, playing stupid games you all made up to pass time in the van, to see who you are.

Fans LOVE getting to know their favorite bands as people. That's what makes the difference between liking an album and becoming a life-long fan.

Use a tour documentary to show off every aspect of your band - your music, your live show, and the individuals behind the music.

Let them in on some of the best moments of being in your band, and the fans will return the favor.

5) Drum Cams

Drummers, it really doesn't get much easier than this.

Your job is to... well, just play the song like you always do... but we're going to film it. I know, hard work, right? 

It's crazy how inexpensive and simple some of these videos are to make. Kinda makes you wonder why you aren't making them already, huh?

Multi-angles, chest cam, head cam, live audio, miming to the recorded track, whatever you want!

Quick, easy, and flexible.


6) Studio/Recording Documentaries

Tour documentaries help fans connect with the band as people - studio documentaries help you connect with the music and the artistry.

What made you want to write these songs? Why are they so important to you? What's better and unique about this album? 

Fans that get invested in bands live for this kind of stuff. I should know, I'm one of them!

If I had a nickel for every time a tour or studio documentary took me from a passive listener to a life-long fan, I might be rich enough to have a documentary made about me!

... Hey, a guy can dream.

7) Gear Tours

If your eyes got wide when you read that heading, then I don't need to explain this one.

For some bands or genres there might not be much interest in this area, but for others it can get thousands of hits in a day. Bands like Periphery have legions of fellow gear nerds as their fans, and a quick YouTube search shows a combined view count of several million

Not bad for showing off a few guitars, huh?

There is an insane amount of musicians out there. We love our craft, and as a result we talk about what gets us the right tones and what helps us play at our absolute best.

Why not show off your own?


8) Fan Q&A's

Imagine your favorite band of all time...

... got anything you'd like to ask them? I'm willing to bet you've got a long list.

That's not surprising, everyone does

It only takes a few minutes to answer a ton of questions from your fans, but more importantly, it builds a stronger relationship. Are you seeing a trend here yet? 

Bands that foster relationships are rewarded with fan loyalty. Building a relationship with fans means they'll want to stick around.

9) Lessons

If you're a good guitar player, you've definitely been asked "tabs?" at least once in your life.

If you produced your bands album, you've probably been complimented on it.

The thing is, as musicians you've got so many different skills that other people would LOVE to learn, so give them that opportunity!

Film some lessons on how you improve your sweep picking technique, how you got that snare sound on the album, how you warm up your vocals before a show, how to play your songs, anything you want.

You can then decide whether you want to sell these lessons or upload them for free. In either case it's an easy and repeatable way to increase your content, revenue, and reach.

10) Kickstarter Promos

We live in the age of crowdsourcing. We've seen albums, tours, and even studios funded by fans who want to see your music grow.

But in order to convince people to give up their hard earned money for you, you're going to need more than just a strong relationship and some good material.

A professional, social media optimized promotional video is absolutely essential in a successful campaign.


I don't have enough brainpower to count the number of times I've seen a failed Kickstarter campaign with no video, and a highly successful one with a fantastic video.


(BONUS TIP: It's easy to make any of these videos into TWO videos by filming a "Behind the Scenes" for each project!)



If you've learned nothing else from this article, let it be this: VIDEO CONTENT SELLS.

These are just a handful of suggestions for new video content for your band. The possibilities are limitless! Show people your music - get out there and shoot some video!

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Connor Gilkinson